• Corporate Branding

    We create a set of unique values such as passion confidence, belonging security through our branding category. Using the below tools we are able to achieve this goal for our client. Give if there are in the product or service oriented business.

    In today’s environment, businesses are required to, strongly have a brand that is exclusive, consistent and abides to the business day to day running of their operations.

    We are a team of young creative professions who take visualized concepts and turn it into a reality this helps the clients to realize his objectives, as he desires.


  • CMS Websites and Online Systems

    As a complete web solutions company we offer customer-oriented web design services and more importantly, deliver them effectively.

    Whether you are a small business or a large corporate, Nero Web Solutions can help you achieve an online presence that delivers the very best for you and your clients.

    If your goal is to provide information, products, e-commerce or online services, we can ensure that the visitors to your site enjoy an informative, user-friendly and interactive experience.

  • CHMP System

    CHMP is a Pharmaceutical Product Management system developed for Centrale Humanitaire Medico-Pharmaceutique CHMP - France


  • KFCB Operations And Revenue System

    KFCB system is an internal operations and monitoring system

    WEB: Internal Network

  • Spaceburst Interiors


    Dexine Interiors is an interior design and construction company. The company was incorporated in November 2008 in Nairobi Kenya. The company is actively engaged in the planning, designing and undertaking projects in the built environment to meet the physical and aesthetic needs of our clients. We specialize in interior design, office furniture, landscaping, consultancy as well as training. Our core passion is to undertake a wide variety of works, new fit-outs, renovations or refurbishments that fit all budgetary needs.

    We strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients, with a lot of consideration on the quality of the work. Dexine Interiors is owned and managed by academically and professionally qualified indigenous Kenyans backed up by a sizeable workforce.


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  • Eico Kenya

    This was for an events planning company in Kenya